Who we are

OTSON Technologies Corp .

was established in 1983. With over 35 year’s experience in electrostatic coating equipments and products precision machine in Taiwan. OTSON consistently endeavors to invent and develop the advanced products to meet the newly trends on the surface coating markets.

O = Optimism

T = Technologies

S = Spray

O = Object

N = New Application

In the recent years, OTSON have been extending the business to the global markets , in where OTSON also earned a lot of good comments on the outstanding products.

It is no doubt , innovative products at competitive prices is the key to gaining world recognition and acceptance. In this field, OTSON has obtained the patents of structure improvement individually in electrostatic Twin-Twin Turbine Atomizer, ,Bell Disk , all kinds of spraying nozzles ,Auto and Manual liquid electrostatic spray gun and paint dosing pump. OTSON ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering stable coating equipment for various coating solution.

If customers unsure of what type of coating equipment they may require. We also operate a full after sales service to ensure existing customers obtain the optimum performance from their investment in OTSON’s equipment.

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Research and Development - Over 30 years
Product Type
  •    Coating Equipment Industry
  •    Precision Machinery
  •    Electronics Industry
  •    Embedded System
Product Type
  • Liquid Coating
  • Waterborne Coating
  • Metal Coating
  • Wood Coating
  • Plastic Coating
Application of Coating Industry
  • Small parts
  • Bicycle
  • Computer Housing
  • Stationeries
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Lockers
  • Freezers
  • Iron Railing
  • Display Cases
  • Refrigerators
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Office Equipment
  • Desks
  • Files
  • Major Appliances
  • Office Partitions
  • Medical Equipment
  • Restroom Partitions
  • Roller Bars
  • Metal Doors
  • Decorative Lamps
  • Electrical Home Appliances,
  • Car Accessories, Teflon Pot
  • Sports Equipment
  • Handcrafted