OTS-8100 Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun / OTS-9100 Auto Electrostatic Bell -Robot Arms
OTSON Auto Electrostatic Spray Bell System 3
OTSON Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun
  • Dual Coating- Solvent and Waterborne Paint
  • Improve Coating Quality
  • Reduce Air Pollutions
  • Reduce Water Pollutions
  • High Transfer Efficiency – Spray Painting
  • High Atomized Nozzle
  • Easy Handle for Long T erm Operation
  • Long Life Operation
  • Low VOC Emissions
  • Low Failure Rate and Easy Maintenance
  • Light Weight Gun – 470g Only

Auto liquid electrostatic spray bell and gun  system, just like conventional spraying equipment, rely on air or high

pressure to atomize the lacquer. The particles of lacquer are then charged as they exit the nozzle.Different
air nozzles cap and material, which create different spiral spray pattern, are available for OTSON liquid
electrostatic spray guns.

This spiral effect reduces lacquer-particle velocity. Therefore the lacquer will be atomized. The
technique involves applying a charge, usually negative, to the coating material as it is atomized. The
negatively charged spray droplets are attracted to any earthed surface; if the workpiece is earthed, the
negatively charged droplets are attracted preferentially to it.


This effect is so powerful that, with some objects, coating spray can be observed to ‘wrap around’.In
this way, the purpose of the electrostatic coating is achieved which can offer transfer efficiency up to 95%
and minimize the over spraying phenomenon obviously. OTSON is keeping researches and developments
in electrostatic equipment in last 30 years, the technologies of OTSON electrostatic can now also be used
for waterborne paints, solvent paints, and lacquers.

Electrostatic Effect
Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun Effect
Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun
Electrostatic Spray Bell Effect
Auto Electrostatic Spray Bell 2k Waterbased Solvent
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Electrostatic spray isolation box for gear pump