Electrostatic Spray-Meltblown Nonwoven Machine
  • High Range Electrostatic Voltage – ( 0 ~ 90 KV (-DC) )
  • High Accuracy Control
  • High Stable  – 24 hours  x 7 days (365 )
  • High Quality
  • Different Rod, Nozzle, and Ion Air Knife
  • High voltage adjustment: 0KV ~ 90KV stepless
  • Rated output: 50 µA
  • Blocking current adjustment: 0 ~ 150 µA
  • Digital display, switchable Kv, µA
  • Power supply voltage: AC 90V / 240 V   50 / 60HZ
  • Size: 300 (W) X120 (W) X150 (H)
  • Weight: 5.5Kg without box



  • The charge current indicator cover (LED) shows that the overcurrent automatically cuts off the power and activates the buzzer to warn and has high safety.
  • High voltage adopts segment adjustment, suitable for various types of workpieces, which is convenient for the requirements of fine voltage adjustment.
  • Parts using high-tech precision ceramics and special materials can greatly extend the service life.
  • Use the power supply AC90V ~ 240V to switch manually.
  • Including marquee-type LED synchronous display Kv, uA intensity
  • High voltage value can be adjusted according to customer needs



Auto Electrostatic Power Supply System is high quality and stable machine for many applications, for example, Electrostatic-Spray for air, water, paintings, disinfectants.

The electrostatic charging apparatus is composed of a high electrostatic voltage power supply, a point-shaped electrode, and a grounding electrode. Due to the high potential between the high electrostatic voltage power and the roller-shaped electrode, electrostatic discharge took place, resulting in the deposition of the ions on the electret materials.
all of the air practical were charged at a voltage of 60 ~ 120 kV for 10 ~ 30 secs and the charging distance between electrodes was 100 ~ 250 mm.

This result is so powerful that, with some melt-blown nonwovens, electrostatic air spray can help capture the small air particle. for example, virus and dust
In this way, the purpose of the electrostatic air spray  is achieved which can offer  high filtration efficiency up to 99.33%
and minimize viruses to pass the second layer mask (Meltblown Nonwoven).

OTSON is keeping researches and developments in electrostatic equipment in the last 38 years.

OTSON electrostatic technologies are also for the disinfection and coating industry.

  • Meltblown Nonwoven Machine
  • Nonwoven Face Mask Making
  • Machine  Surgical  Face Mask Machine