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Electrostatic Spray Products Guide

Electrostatic spray coating with high spray efficiency, uniform coating, and less air and water pollution in the mass production line for the factory.

Electrostatic spray coating with high spray efficiency, uniform coating, less pollution, and other characteristics and adapt to large-scale from The production line is becoming one of the most popular coating processes in production. Used in automobiles, bicycles, wheels, instrumentation, electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, household electrical appliances, daily hardware, steel furniture, doors Windows, power tools, toys and gas appliances, and other industrial fields.
In recent years, with the development of high safety and adaptive electrostatic coating equipment, including a high-voltage electrostatic generator, the new structure of the electrostatic spray gun, new automatic control panel, new Bell cup, and new disk atomizer, etc. in the reliability and equipment
the structure has a significant light on the high advance for the development of electrostatic coating the process provides a solid foundation.

Comparison Table for OTSON Auto Electrostatic Coating Systems
Compartion Table of Electrostatic Spray System
Electrostatic spray
OTS-3000 +Electrostatic Spray Gun
Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun System
Gear Pump
Twin-Turbine Rotary Atomizer
Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pump